chain-agnostic compliant self-sovereign decentralized chain-agnostic
chain-agnostic compliant self-sovereign decentralized chain-agnostic

identity layer of web3

identity layer
of web3

We are building an open-source, composable and chain-agnostic solution to enable true decentralized identity across the web3 space.

The idOS is made up of two key elements

Building partners and ecosystems

The idOS is a collaborative effort to build together the much-needed identity layer of web3 to enable a user-owned internet

Key features

The idOS is Chain-agnostic

Global user pool

Cross-chain interoperability ensures any stakeholder in the system can access a shared pool of users across web3 


Anyone can build new tools or dApps on top of the idOS, integrate existing ones and leverage the open-source infrastructure


The idOS works with any identity frameworks (including W3C compatible Verifiable Credentials) 

Key features

The idOS is Compliant

User consented agreement

There are no intermediaries between the user and third parties when user grants access to data

Revocations & data deletion

Users are able to revoke data access to third parties and erase data from their idOS profile

Time-locked access

Time-locked grants ensure data access for a specific time length with automatic revocation afterwards

Key features

The idOS enables Self-sovereignty


Users have full control over what data is stored and can flexibly grant or revoke access to third parties


Data stored in dStorage nodes is encrypted using the user’s wallet private key


Users can choose to only share access grants to credentials for specific parts of the data in their idOS profile

Key features

The idOS is Decentralized

Constant data availability

Unlike with identity wallets, data is always online and accessible to parties with active access grants

No platform risk

User data is stored across multiple distributed nodes, ensuring access even if one node is down

Shared consensus

A dStorage Network of Nodes secures the idOS. At first, run by building partners, then permissionless

How it works

Building a cross-chain identity system to empower users to manage their data in a self-sovereign way, leveraging existing identity verification solutions

idOS Updates

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idOS – the open-source, composable & chain-agnostic solution to enable true decentralized identity across the web3 space.

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